September 24, 2020

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"Union Journal" site looks like a Russian fake news site

A website called “Union Journal” published a translation of an article I noted ten days ago.that said that Israel was selling the organs of Palestinians they kill.

The webpage of the “Union Journal” looks like a generic news site. Every article seems to be authored by the same “Miriam Jackson” and articles look to often be illegal copies of articles from other sites. But the articles about Israel all seems to come from anti-Israel propaganda sites.

I looked a little closer at this site. It used to be associated with a UK union site. The expired domain name was taken over by an anonymous user around 2018 were it first was a stock tipsheet. Only last September did it start to look the way it does now, as a news site.

The site claims to have millions of followers on social media. This is quite a lie. They have no presence at all on social media at this time. The links are all bad.

They hide their DNS ownership info and use Cloudflare to stop DDoS attacks.

According to Alexa, they have had a steadily increasing audience over the past three months.

The site pretends to be based out of New York City, but the people behind it link to a weather widget that uses Celsius, not Fahrenheit, so clearly this is not a US-based operation.

It looks like this is one small cog in a huge machine meant to push fake news when needed, probably ahead of US elections.

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