April 2, 2020

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Underage sex-trafficking "temporary marriage" ring uncovered in Egypt


Egyptian authorities have uncovered a human trafficking ring in Giza where young girls were forced to “marry” rich Arabs for as little as 48 hours where they would be sexually abused.

The price of the girls were between 10,000 and 200,000 Egyptian pounds ($640-$13,000) and the timeframe of each “marriage” was from two days to a week. The leaders of the ring, which included a lawyer, would keep the money for themselves.

The girls were between 12 and 15.

The girls were often runaways. The pimps would send photos of the girls via WhatsApp to the rich Arab johns. One of the pimps performed the “marriage” ceremony with a Quran. in a cafe in Agouza.

The girls say that the pimps also sexually assaulted and raped them.

During the police raid, a “large number” of girls were found.

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