May 30, 2020

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Unaware Imams Promised Them Immunity, Coronavirus Kills Muslims Too (PreOccupied Territory)
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PJL Laurens, via Wikimedia Commons
PJL Laurens, via Wikimedia Commons
Gaza City, April 2 – A pathogen responsible for tens of thousands of deaths worldwide and hundreds of thousands more with life-threatening respiratory symptoms has either ignored or remains unconscious of the guarantees of various Islamic preachers that the faithful will remain unscathed, and has ravaged those believers along with everyone else.

SARS-CoV-2, known by various other appellations such as COVID-19, The Wuhan virus, or the more general term coronavirus, has killed thousands of Muslims in Iran and other predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East, in addition to Muslims residing outside the region, such as in the US or UK. The virus has infected millions of people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, indicating that it either does not know or does not care that Imams from Malaysia and the Philippines to Nigeria and Gaza have pronounced COVID-19 a divine weapon against the infidel that will cause no harm to loyal followers of Muhammad.

“No one seems to have told the virus to avoid Muslims,” lamented an epidemiologist in Mashad, Iran. “All this trouble with the disease spreading outwards from the holy city of Qom, and the shrines there that people licked for protection, all because of that oversight. Like, even putting a Quran up on the telephone wires hasn’t kept COVID-19 out of people’s neighborhoods, even though many of our spiritual leaders issued guarantees that such measures would shield us. We need an inquiry into whose job it was to inform the coronavirus only to attack infidels.”

After the pandemic claimed the lives of three Muslim healthcare workers in London last weekend, Imams began to suspect a more fundamental problem. “This looks a lot more systemic than simple negligence,” worried a preacher at a mosque outside Paris. “I think we need to consider that the entire mechanism for sparing faithful Muslims from the ravages of misfortune and evil – be they war, disease, famine, oppression, enslavement, or indignities of all kinds – requires attention. Far too many examples just in recent memory provide evidence that divine protection for Muslims has not been implemented as we have been led to expect: conflicts in Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq; the current pandemic; droughts that hit Africa every few years; Uighurs in Chinese concentration and forced-labor camps; and ongoing subjugation to non-Islamic regimes in India and Israel as well, just to name a few.”

Specimens of the COVID-19 pathogen declined to be interviewed for this article, citing social distancing precautions.

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