May 31, 2020

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Two examples of NYT apathy during the Holocaust

From The New York Times, December 4, 1942, page 11:

Not only was the story relegated to an easily overlooked part of the paper, but the language is detached. “Eight months of work of extermination columns” – well, OK.

Things improved slightly in this report from 1944:

There is passion and anger in the writing by Joseph M. Levy.

But the editors still put it on Page 5.

Editors are the ones who decide which stories are on page 1, which are on page 17, and which ones won’t see the light of day. Which will have photos, how many column inches, whether there will be a followup story.

Joseph Levy did his job, unlike the anonymous author of the 1942 article. But he can only do so much when the editors decided that the mass murder of millions of Jews was simply not that important a story.

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