March 18, 2019

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Turkish PM says worldwide "imperialist" (i.e., Jewish) conspiracy behind Israel’s Eurovision win

From TOI:

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim on Friday claimed Israel’s win at the 2018 Eurovision contest was a scam, saying “Israel knows only how to kill, not how to sing.”

During an interview with Turkish television station, Yildirim said Netta Barzilai’s winning song “Toy” was “not good,” and claimed the voting system had been rigged by “imperialists” in order to ensure next year’s competition would take place in Jerusalem in order to “sow strife between religions” in the region.

“They let Israel win, even though they did not have enough points, so they could host the competition next year,” he said.

According to the annual competition’s rules, the winning country hosts the following year’s contest.

Yildirim went on to personally attack Barzilai, asserting that the “Israeli singer was not good. She can’t sing.”

 Turkey hasn’t participated in the singing competition since 2013. It decided to boycott the Eurovision, claiming there was discrimination in favor of the large countries in the European Union.

Ah, yes. “Imperialists.” A secret cabal of powerful people united to work behind the scenes to ensure that the Jewish State would win Eurovision.  Who could those people be?

The news is not that the Turkish Prime Minister is a bigoted idiot. The news is that the European and world media are not reporting that the Turkish Prime Minister is a bigoted idiot.

Apparently, it is not news for a Turkish politician to show that he is an antisemite.

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