December 15, 2018

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Today’s explicit Arab antisemitism that not one Arab or Muslim will condemn publicly in Arabic

Three separate articles in Arab media, all published today, show that virulent Arab Jew-hatred still flourishes and is fed to millions of people.

Kuwait’s Al Anba has an article called “Characteristics of the Jews:”

The Jews are known for their profane qualities, mentioned by God in his book about them, and these qualities are inherent in all Jews until the Day of Resurrection. The Muslim should be warned about them. They have broken the covenant with the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and tried to kill him more than once….

And what happens to our brothers in Palestine is the greatest witness to their annulment of the covenants, and the Jews do not keep their covenants, conventions and agreements,…

They killed the prophets – peace be upon them -…

The Jews are keen to take the money of the people with falsehood. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And you see many of them rushing in sin and transgression, To control the banks and the global economy, to control the fate of nations and peoples.

[Jews have] shame, ….So it happened, on the day of Khaybar, God humiliated and forced their enemies, as well as by the Jews of the city: the sons of Qinqaa, Bani Nadeer, Bani Qurezah, All of them are humiliated by God ». The biggest witness to this is that you see the Palestinian child with the stone facing the heavily armed Jewish soldier, fleeing from fear for his life.

They spread corruption in the land, they spread drugs and liquor, and propagate obscenities and vices among the people, they are the dealers of vice, and prostitutes, and control the media channels, which publish pornography, and also spread infidelity and atheism, and questioning the Muslims in their faith and religion, The corruption in the earth in every way they possess…

The only thing missing is drinking the blood of Muslim children.

Remarkably, an Egyptian site Fath News has an article with a nearly  identical title, but written by a different person. He says that Jews rejected the prophets, that thy are responsible for all corruption on the planet, that they are the most hostile people on Earth, that they charge interest, that Freud began the sexual revolution that resulted in theater and film,and Karl Marx is thrown in there as well.

El Badil, also in  Egypt, has an article that denies that Jews in Israel are Jewish, saying that anyone who says that Zionists are cousins of the Arabs is engaging in an attempt to normalize relations with Israel. One of the fun facts that author claims is that the debunked book The Thirteenth Tribe claiming that Ashkenazic Jews are European Khazars is no longer available in the United States at all, and even the copy in the Library of Congress has mysteriously disappeared.(Perhaps the Library should get it from Amazon.)

Once again, it is important to stress that individual antisemitic articles here and there do not prove that Arabs are antisemitic as a whole. What indicts the Arabs is that there is never the slightest protest or backlash against these articles when they are published. I have yet to see a single response, a single letter to the editor, a single Arab news report that denounces or condemns the explicit and raw Jew-hatred that pops up regularly in Arab and Muslim media. There is no antidote to this poison in the Arab press – there is not even dilution.

A Jewish school and an ancient synagogue were firebombed in Tunisia  in the past day. Officials claim that the protests were not against Jews but of a more general nature. Of course, the only buildings that seem to have been attacked besides the government buildings are the Jewish buildings.

I am not saying that every Arab is antisemitic. But it is accurate to say that Arab society is indeed antisemitic. If you cannot find one Arab willing to fight explicit antisemitism publicly in their own nations, in Arabic, that means that Jew-hatred is normalized and accepted. The West doesn’t want to admit this, but this simple fact is the single biggest reason that there can never be real peace between Israel and any Arab nation. The result is that people should not bother to work towards peace, but to work towards detente a grudging acceptance that Israel isn’t going anywhere and it is less counterproductive to live with it than to try to destroy it.

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