November 18, 2018

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Three months after riots, Israel quietly reinstalls cameras at entrances to Temple Mount

After the riots that accompanied Israels’ placing metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount in response to a terror attack that originated there killing two policemen, Israel has quietly added what appear to be sophisticated surveillance cameras at nearly all the entrances of the Mount.

Channel 10 reports that  Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan was behind this plan.

According to reports over the summer, the cameras and their software can recognize known terrorists and security threats. I do not think they can fully replace metal detectors, but they may deter known troublemakers from using the Temple Mount as a weapons depot, as the terrorists did in July.

Rioters over the summer, the Waqf  and the Palestinian Authority insisted that even cameras were not acceptable to them, and they celebrated when Israel backed down and removed them.

Lion’s Gate, where most of the protests were centered in the summer, is the only remaining Muslim entrance to the Mount without the cameras at this time.

The Waqf says that they were not told about these new cameras. Which is hardly surprising.

Now the question is whether the Waqf can whip up the frenzy of antisemitic hate that they managed to incite over the summer, even though it is obvious that the cameras will not impeded anyone from going to the Al Aqsa mosque – unless they have weapons.

Here are all the photos I could find of these new cameras.

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