December 15, 2018

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"The Zionists are hampering the growing Turkish influence in the Balkans"

A typical bizarre conspiracy theory in Jordanzad describes over a century of “Zionist” schemes in the Balkans.

The piece starts off with saying that “the Zionists played a prominent role in the Balkan wars at the beginning of the last century.” It goes on to say that “Zionists” provided the Yugoslav Army with biological weapons for use against Kosovo Albanians during the disturbances of the 1980s.

“And the same agents were  put by Israel in the water to cause Palestinian infertility and force the disobedience of the women of Kosovo…”

Yeah, it’s that kind of article that the Arab press is so good at.

But the part I loved most was the illustration of a heroic Erdogan leading the charge to liberate Jerusalem:

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