July 23, 2024

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The Qatari official who works closely with Israel


Here is an example of “normalization” between an Arab country and Israel that no one says anything bad about.

Qatar’s ambassador to the Palestinian Authority, Mohamed al-Emadi, entered Gaza yesterday.

He came through the Erez crossing, which means that he went through Israel to do it.

And it isn’t the first time. He has visited a number of times before, each time coordinating with Israel.

Qatar has given about a billion dollars to help Gaza, far more than any other Arab country, and it is a very hands-on procedure. Qatar chooses who gets the money and for what projects – in coordination with Israel.

He meets with Israeli generals and other officials. This NPR article from last year notes:

Yossi Kuperwasser, former head of research for Israel’s military intelligence, says that there’s one good reason Israel is helping Qatar help Gaza.

“Nobody else is ready to help but Qatar,” he says.

Kuperwasser says that because Hamas is not only a militia but also the de facto government, improving life in Gaza could deter Hamas from war.

“We believe that better conditions in Gaza would lessen the incentive of Hamas and the population to go again to a war,” he says. “So in a way, it is helping the deterrence. But the purpose is to improve the conditions of the people of Gaza and enable them to live a respectable life.”

Emadi also meets with Hamas as well.

Last year Emadi even praised Israel and slammed Arab countries over helping Gaza rebuild, a move that alarmed Mahmoud Abbas.

As the NPR article concludes with this quote from Kuperwasser: “”Life is full of contradictions and strange things.”

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