September 30, 2022

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The Protocols in Arab media – monthly roundup

Here is a list of every time the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was mentioned in the past month in Arabic-language newspapers, and whether the article accepts them as real.

Egypt’s Al Mogaz “investigated” the Protocols and ruled that they were legitimate (covered here.) says that the Protocols can be a great model to use to learn to influence the world.

Al Quds al Arabi quotes the “second protocol” to make a point, without any indication that it believes that it is a hoax.

Arabi21 complains that Arab media shows too much “pornography,” saying that this is one of the instructions in the Protocols to break down a society.

Al Ahram, one of Egypt’s major newspapers, refers to the Protocols when giving an example of how leaders don’t listen to what the people want.

Kitabat mentions it in passing as well, with no indication it is anything but a reference to a fact.

Al Basra refers to a book by Benjamin Netanyahu as a realization of the goals of the Protocols.

Almmike refers to the Protocols as but a single example of how the West is trying to break apart Arab nations.

New Sabah seems to be a Shiite publication in Iraq whose article blames the Jews for tearing apart the Arab world, using the Protocols.

The only Arabic-language article I could find this month that mentions that the Protocols are a myth came from a non-Arab media outlet – the Arabic version of RT.

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