June 17, 2019

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The PA siege of Gaza continues, as schools have no budget


Safa reports:

The Education Sector in the Palestinian NGO Network and the Palestinian Educational Coalition warned of the deterioration of the educational situation in public schools in the Gaza Strip due to the lack of an operating budget for 397 schools.

A joint statement by the two institutions said on Sunday that the lack of such a budget for schools would negatively affect the quality of educational services provided to more than 250,000 students and the possibility of increased dropout rates.

The statement called on all Palestinian parties to exclude the educational process from any conflicts as a result of political division. He called on the Ministry of Education to find effective mechanisms to ensure the necessary financial and logistical support for the continuation of the educational process in all public schools in the sector.

We already knew that the PA hasn’t been paying custodial workers for hospitals. And they have been limiting medicines to Gaza. And that while they cut payments for electricity to Gaza last year, they didn’t resume it because of an agreement with Hamas but because Israel threatened them.

The story of how the Palestinian Authority has been systematically blocking basic services to Gaza – even after supposed reconciliation with Hamas last year – has not been reported by anyone.

Compare the huge worldwide outcry to the US reducing aid to UNRWA with the complete silence to the Palestinian Authority cutting medical and educational services to the exact same population in Gaza.

There is no upper limit to hypocrisy when it comes to Palestinian Arabs.

(h/t Irene)

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