August 5, 2020

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The Official EoZ Intersectionality Victimhood Calculator version 2.0

In 2018, I created the first EoZ Intersectionality Victimhood Calculator. As I wrote then,

All that matters in any conflict – from mere arguments on Twitter to large scale wars – is to understand which side is perceived to be the bigger victim. The victim always wins in the court of public opinion run by most of the media, academia and diplomats. Here is my attempt on calculating who is the perceived underdog, and therefore the more righteous, of each side in any conflict. The more you think about it, the more it reflects reality:

Attribute Victimhood score
Trans 8
Black  8
Native American or other First People 7
Woman 6
Gay 6
Muslim 5
Arab, other Middle Eastern 5
Hispanic 4
Disabled, pregnant 4
Anti-Zionist Jew 4
Wears hijab 2
Palestinian 2
Asian American 1
White -1
Republican or conservative -3
Christian (white only) -3
Jew -3
Visibly religious Jew -3
Jewish settler -6
Identifies proudly as Zionist*  -8
Trump supporter -8
White nationalist/neo Nazi -18

Multiple attributes are summed. So for example, a female Muslim Palestinian Arab who wears a hijab has a  victimhood score of 6+5+5+2+2, 20 in total, which is quite high. (If she is disabled and lesbian, the score soars to 30, meaning that she almost automatically wins the victimhood sweepstakes against anyone – unless the other person is similar but transsexual instead of lesbian.) The score depends on how you are perceived. So if you only start identifying as a member of a victim group later in life, as long as no one knows any different, you are in. This also applies to those who are half-or-quarter members of the oppressed group.

This calculator has been remarkably accurate. For example, Ilhan Omar ended up being a victim when Jews complained about her antisemitic statements, and Congress ended up not censuring her but instead released a statement that she could support.

There is one major revision that is needed, though, as I mentioned in my interview with Hen Mazzig this week. The attribute “*identifies proudly as a Zionist” needs a more complex calculation beyond its –8 score.

If someone has any positive victimhood scores, and they are also Zionist, their positive attributes become negative attributes of the same magnitude. Being a Zionist doesn’t blunt the victimhood scores, it inverts them.

This is why Hen Mazzig is so loathed by the Left. He is one of many pro-Israel speakers and advocates – you can list Alan Dershowitz or Bret Stephens, for example. But the Left hates Hen because he is a person of color and gay, and they feel that he is betraying them by showing that Israel is a tolerant state and the “victims” can be Zionists. (Kweansmom put out a thread from last year showing just a small but of how Mazzig was discussed last year – with so much hate that his critics couldn’t even stand to write out his name and used his initials.)

This is why women who are Zionists are sent so many sexist comments. I don’t get any, but female Zionists on Twitter are targeted with vile attacks.

This is why Professor Jason Hill was literally censured by his college for writing an article that supported Israel extending sovereignty over Judea and Samaria last year.  The reaction was much more vitriolic  than it would have been otherwise because Hill is a person of color, an immigrant and gay. 

There is a rich irony here in that the very people who pretend to be on the side of minorities and LGBTQ and women are incensed that these people dare think on their own, in ways that do not have the socialist stamp of approval. Their hysterical reactions prove that they are the bigots.

So while I might be a –18,  Hen would be a –22 and Hill would be a –25. I’m just a Zionist – but they are perceived as traitors.

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