December 5, 2020

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The importance of Swiss petitions, according to Roger Waters

I’ve been making fun online of this insane video released by Roger Waters where he makes a complete idiot of himself, looking like a homeless drunk. I hope everyone watches it.

Anyway, the main point he is pretending to make is that, supposedly, 136,000 Swiss citizens signed a petition against having Eurovision in Tel Aviv.

I couldn’t find any verification of this story anywhere. One worldwide petition gathered 42,000 signatures, but I didn’t see any Swiss ones. Switzerland will of course participate in the contest.

As I was looking for the Swiss petition, though, I found another Swiss petition regarding Eurovision in 2007.

The Eidgenössisch-Demokratische Union (EDU) submitted their petition against the Swiss Eurovision Song Contest entry Vampires are alive this Tuesday. As previously reported by, the small political party, which holds only two seats on the federal level of the Swiss government, feels that the song’s lyrics promote Satanism and the occult. The party gathered a total of 49,082 signatures over a two week period on their petition condemning the song [in two weeks.]

A minuscule Swiss party managed to get more signatures against a song about vampires in two weeks, in Switzerland alone, than the BDS movement managed to get worldwide in several months.

Which goes to show that petitions mean very, very little except to the people pushing them. There is no shortage of idiots who will sign anything out of ignorance.

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