July 8, 2020

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The hypocrisy of denouncing metal detectors at the Temple Mount(Zvi)


Guest post from Zvi:

The Waqf officials are hypocrites, liars and rabble-rousers. Their purpose is to create bloodshed and cause conflict and murder. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan should be pressured to remove these psychopaths and replace them with sane, responsible adults. Otherwise, the responsibility for the actions of these lunatics, and the lunatics who follow them, rests with the Hashemite Kingdom. If Jordan is going to sponsor the Waqf, then it is responsible for the mistakes and the outright evil of its subordinates. The Waqf officials are a key part o f the problem in the Levant. They make it worse. Always. Jordan needs to get rid of them.
I have, for a long time, respected the Hashemite Kingdom and praised its relatively good relationship with Israel. I have generally supported King Abdullah II. But there is a limit to my support, and Jordan’s absolutely atrocious response to the terror attack at the Temple Mount crosses a red line.
Waqf officials, who oversee the religious management of the temple, instigated a protest outside the entrance. Dozens of worshipers instead conducted their afternoon prayers next to the gate. “This is a severe violation of the status quo,” said Shikh Omar al-Qiswani, the director of the al-Aksa Mosque, said in a statement. The Waqf officials were not required to pass through the detectors.
Metal detectors are a VERY, VERY MILD RESPONSE when terrorists stash guns in y our site and use them to murder innocent policemen in cold blood. Every other government on earth would have done the same thing, and probably much, much more. And only the Waqf, Israel’s Arab “leaders” and the rest of the anti-Semitic Israel-hating crowd are just plain hateful enough to portray this VERY, VERY MILD RESPONSE as some kind of “attack” on Muslims.
Terrorist attacks have consequences. Grow up.
Those entering the Western Wall Plaza and Western Wall, beneath the Temple Mount compound, for many years have been required to go through metal detectors.< /i>
Jews and Christians pass through metal detectors around the Temple Mount all the time, and have done so for years. No protests. No threats of violence by Israeli leaders.
There are metal detectors at large football stadia, government buildings, airports, concert venues, etc. all over the world. There are metal detectors at synagogues in Rome and at Coptic churches in Egypt.
In light of all the recent terrorism against the Coptic Church in our homeland, Pope Tawadrous II has approved a Metal Detector Project that includes installing a metal detector at the main entrance of every church in Egypt. They are fundraising in order to make it happen.
No protest there!
Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, church-goers were told that due to “ongoing security concerns”, several new rules would be in place, including closing the gated parking area inside the complex, introducing metal detectors and upping the number of security personnel. The the Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church first introduced the measures at the end of June, while congregants at the Epiphany Church and Anglican Center were informed of the changes in mid-July, following a directive issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Malls and stores such as Landmark, Hyatt Plaza, Gulf Mull and Dar Al Salaam also increased their security arrangements after receiving a government directive before the holiday. They began employing more personnel and introducing checks with mirrors on the underside of cars entering the basement parking lots as well as looking in the trunks of vehicles. Newly installed metal detector at Marriott Marquis Doha. Meanwhile, hotels also stepped up their security arrangements, with some installing metal security arches in their lobbies and service entrances and paying extra attention to cars on the premises.
There are no protests about these security measures!
Explosives detectors are to be installed at the entrances to the Holy Mosque in Mecca
Around 180 people work on a shift pattern to man the gates leading to the Masjid al-Haram, which surrounds the Ka’aba, the black granite cube that Muslims turn to when praying.
But there are no other measures in place to screen pilgrims for weapons, explosive devices or other banned items, although there are more than 700 cameras tracking them for possible theft, pickpocketing and other criminal or immoral activity.
Lieutenant Colonel Fawaz al-Sahafi, who heads the security team at the mosque, to ld the Saudi Gazette plans to fit “sophisticated metal and explosive detectors” at the multiple gates were under way.
He also said there were proposals to monitor pilgrims’ movements and have plain-clothes officers mingling with worshippers to stop them from carrying unauthorised foodstuffs into the mosque.
Another security official, Lieutenant General Saeed Bin Abdullah al-Qahtani, said cameras at pilgrims’ residential buildings, traffic initiatives and crowd management plans would improve safety inside and outside the Grand Mosque.
There is a ban on private cars carrying pilgrims entering Mecca, and there will be greater intervention from guards to ease congestion and jostling.

The Saudi authorities have revamped a key element of the Hajj to minimise the potential for stampedes and expedite the evacuation of worshippers, but similar initiatives have yet to materialise at other sites in Mecca.
Islam’s holiest city has not experienced terrorist activity since 1979, when hundreds of people died following an armed takeover of the Grand Mosque, with overcrowding proving to be more of a threat in recent years.
At any one time, almost 1 million pilgrims can fit into the Grand Mosque. It covers almost one-third of a square kilometre but, in the coming days, King Abdullah will lay a foundation stone marking an expansion project to accommodate more believers.
Around 4 million Muslims visit Mecca to perform the Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage, while millions more go there throughout the year.
Sophisticated explosives detectors, cameras, car bans, etc. installed in Mecca, where no terrorists murdered policemen. No protests.
That’s because everybody recognizes that metal detectors are there to reduce the chance that weapons will be smuggled in. This reduces the likelihood that terrorists will gun down worshippers, spectators, concertgoers, passengers… or policemen.
Any sane person would support their installation.

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