December 12, 2019

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The fake "civilians" of Gaza, 2019 edition

PCHR, the Palestine Center for Human Rights – the organization that Amnesty International relied on to claim that there were far more civilians killed in Gaza in 2014 than there actually were –  says:

At approximately 22:10 on Saturday evening, 04 May 2019, Israeli drone fired a missile at a group of civilians, who were in the vicinity of the American School former site, west of Beit Lahia, killing Khalid Mohammed Selmi Abu Qaliq (24), from the city, after he was hit with shrapnel throughout his body. Moreover, another civilan was seriously injured.

Khalid Mohammed Selmi Abu Qaliq was a terrorist for the PFLP.

PCHR goes on:

 At approximately 17:35 on Sunday evening, the Israeli forces fired an artillery sheel at a house belonging to Abdul Rahim Mustafa al-Madhoun (60), south of the American School, west of Beit Lahia. As a result,  the house was destroyed  and 4 civilians were killed, including a woman,  and 9 were injured. Those killed civilians, including Abdul Rahim, were identified as: Abdul Rahim’s son Abdullah Abdul Rahim Mustafa al-Madhooun (21), Fadi Ragheb Yusuf Badran (33), Amani ‘Etfat Sha;ban al-Madhoun (36), who was pregnant at her ninth month. 

This was a legitimate target.  Fadi Ragheb Yusuf Badran, who already served 6 years in Israeli prisons for terror activities, was a member of the Popular Resistance Movement. Abdullah Abdul Rahim Mustafa al-Madhooun was a leader of Islamic Jihad’s Al Quds Brigades.

Abdullah Abdul Rahim Mustafa al-Madhooun

The father and pregnant woman were human shields.

PCHR goes on:

At approximately 17:45, the Israeli warplenes launched 2 missiles at the ground floor and first floor in Zu’rob’s Building near al-Shuhada’a Square (al-Nejmah), in the center of Rafah. As a result, 3 civlians were killed namely: ‘Ali Ahmed Abdul Jawad (51), who was in al-Awa’el Educational Center, Mousa Husein Lafi Mo’amer (35) and Hani Hamdan Abu Sha’ar (37), who were at al-Fakher Cofe.

Mo’amer and Sha’ar were at least associated with Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, based on the flags used as their shrouds and flags waved at their funeral.

PCHR goes on:

At approximately 19:50, the Israeli warplanes launched a missile at the fifth floor in Building no. (12) at Sheikh Zayed Buildings, north of the Gaza Strip. As a result, 6 civilians were killed namely: Ahmed Ramadan Rajab al-Ghazali (30), his wife Eman Abdullah Mousa al-Ghazali (29), their child Maria (5 months), Abdul Rahman Talal Abu al-Jedyan (12), his parents Tala ‘Atiyah Abu al-Jedyan (48) and Raghdah Mohammed Abu al-Jedyan (46), whose dead bodies were recovered todays morning from under the rubble.

This one I’m not quite as certain about, but apparently at least one of the dead- probably Ahmed – was associated with Hamas. At least two members of the family were wrapped in Hamas flags as a courtesy.

PCHR has a long history of immediately labeling terrorists as “civilian” going back to the 2009 war 
when over 300 supposed “civilians” were found to be in fact members of terror groups.

PCHR says that 9 additional of Gaza’s dead were indeed militants, but it only mentions the name of one from Hamas. Islamic Jihad admits 8 “martyrs” including Al Madhoun, above.

As we can see here, apparently 100% of the people killed in Gaza this weekend were either terrorists, human shields for terrorists or collateral damage as Israel targeted terrorists – legitimate targets under international law.

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