January 20, 2019

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The dangers to Israeli citizens from the Gaza riots (that the media doesn’t bother to explain)


Peter Lerner tweeted:

But the problem is arguably worse, because the entire border is susceptible to infiltration during the weekly riots, not just the areas where Gazans are gathering. Here are some satellite images showing how close Israeli communities are from Gaza – a short walk away in many cases.
Nahal Oz is about 800 meters from the border.

These four communities – from the top, Kisufim, Ein Hashlosha, Nirim and Nir Oz – are between 1-2 miles from the border.

The Kerem Shalom kibbutz is exactly on the border with Gaza.

Here’s the thing. Only three weeks ago, a mere days before the first “Great Return March,”  Hamas held military exercises that were centered on kidnapping Israelis. Their exercises were centered on kidnapping Israeli soldiers, but their tunnel placement and the fact that they are holding Israeli citizens, today, as hostages show that they want to kidnap civilians as well.

Who is running these riots? Hamas!

The media that is blaming Israel for defending its borders is still completely missing the story.

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