June 18, 2018

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Temple Mount events spawn wild Arab conspiracy theories


A Kuwaiti MP named Waleed Tabtabaie has tweeted that religious Jews disguised as janitors are entering the Al-Aqsa mosque, and they steal the keys to the Lion’s Gate in order to smuggle in whatever they want.

Maybe editions of the Talmud.

As crazy as that is (and Tabtabaie is really crazy) his fans who respond to him show even more craziness.

The usual memes of Jews using this as an excuse to destroy Al Aqsa of course are there.

One shows an old CNN video of Habitat for Humanity building houses in Mississippi for natural disaster victims, thanks to a donation by Qatar. The Arabic captions say that this video is showing Qatar building Israeli settlements!

And many others castigate the Arab League for not declaring war on Israel so the Temple Mount can go back under Muslim control.

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