December 13, 2019

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Tehran International Book Fair includes, of course, antisemitiic books

On Monday, Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khamenei visited Tehran’s 32nd International Book Fair.

One of the books on sale at the fair is the Farsi-language “The Secret Role of Jews in Islam” by Yusuf Rashad.

The book says that Jews have gained the ability to consolidate their dominance through Zionist lobbies that govern all the affairs of major Western countries, and this is only possible after the destruction of the religion of these countries, which is Christianity. They have replaced Christianity with philosophy, which is a Jewish idea, according to the book.

In the first chapter, it explains how the Jews found the ability to succeed, by following the steps of the devil, his army and his party, and by working hard, with precise planning,  they excel, control, dominate, and ruin the Christian religion.

Here are some chapter titles:

Hostility of the Jews and their betrayal of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Violation of the covenant of the Jews against the Muslims
Treason and betrayal of the people of Qa’a
Ka’bbn Ashraf and his betrayal of Muslims
The story of the killing of Ashraf
Betrayal, disobedience, and violation of the holy Jewish tradition
Great betrayal and partisanship of the Benghazi Jews
The betrayal of the kings of the Jews
Israelis; the role of secret Jews in the Islamic heritage
The Hidden Jewish Hand in Islamic Interpretation Books
Hidden Jews in the Territory of the Ottoman Caliphate
The relationship between the Jews and the Freemasonry movement
The influence of the two Jews on the Turkish regime
The Turkish leader, Mustafa Atatürk and the Jews of Dhummeh
The role and influence of the two Jews in the Turkish media

Just from the chapter titles we see that the book is nothing but incitement – it tells stories (whether true or not) of individual Jews as a proxy for all Jews.

Remember, Iran claims to not be antisemitic at all.

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