September 23, 2019

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Suddenly, Hamas pretends to care about the safety of kids at the "March of Return"

Ma’an reports that the organizers of the weekly March of Return have instructed parents not to bring kids outside the tents that are set up at a distance from the fence, because of the heat wave in the region.

Khalid Al-Batsh, Chairman of the High Commission for Return and Breaking the Siege, said: “In order to ensure the safety of our people participating today in the activities of the 59th Friday, we send the most important message to continue the process of liberation and return …We ask them to stay inside the covered return tents in the five camps throughout the period.”

Funny how they are concerned for kids’ safety from the sun but not from ricocheting bullets or tear gas.

Kids getting injured or killed by Israelis is the entire point of the riots. If they die from heatstroke it does no one any good.

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