September 26, 2020

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Spot the difference between the neo-Nazis and the pro-Palestinians

The Huffington Post has an interesting article where they reveal details of the 17 page style guide to the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer.

It is more than a style guide – it is a mini-manifesto on how to do propaganda.

And the Jews are the main target:

This is antisemitism in its purest, most honest form. And it is refreshing to see it in black and white, and not hiding behind “lulz” (as the author of this piece likes to do) or behind intellectual pretenses (as the person who coined the word “anti-semitism” did.)

But is this naked desire to tie every world problem to Jews, by the extreme right, any different than the naked desire by the extreme Left to tie all the world’s ills to Israel?

Leftist Israel haters and their Arab partners blame Israel for police brutality in the US, for the rise of ISIS, for US involvement in Iraq, for Palestinian men beating their wives, for raping Palestinian women and for not raping Palestinian women, for being the biggest violator of human rights and international law, for genocide, for flooding Gaza, for apartheid, for Iran’s intransigence, for Arabs killing Arabs, for Palestinians killing Jews, for daily massacres of Palestinians,  for “rape culture,” for 9/11, for poisoning wells, for stealing organs, for murdering Princess Diana. And more.

Two two sides, the extreme Left and extreme Right, have a real commonality. Every world problem must be blamed on (Jews/Israel.)

Yet while neo-Nazi-type antisemitism is rightly denounced, there is far less concern over the “anti-Zionism” that is identical to what the neo-Nazis espouse.

Anti-Israelism is every bit as odious and sickening as antisemitism. Minimizing it as merely “criticism of Israel” is a way to mainstream and justify hate.

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