January 28, 2020

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South African flotidiot press conference turned into a fiasco


The press conference that was supposed to herald the homecoming of the supposedly brave South African volleyballer Leigh Ann Naidoo was marred by the unexpected comments from South Africa’s ambassador to Israel, Sisa Ngombane.

Ngombane tried to say that Israel invaded Gaza in 2014 after Palestinians had kidnapped and murdered “two or three” Israeli children, which he attempted to justify. Even though his statements were extremely anti-Israel, the organizers of the press conference were upset at the idea of bringing up any supposed reason for Israeli crimes outside of pure Jewish evil.

“The West Bank suffered gravely because three or two Israeli children were abducted and killed whilst in a neighbourhood in the West Bank. Of course that gave a good excuse for the Israeli Defence Force to go door-to-door in West Bank. This is an untold story and of course Gaza got the headlines because planes flew to Gaza and bombarded Gaza. But the untold story or the less known story that it is the Palestinians in the West Bank who live day to day with the IDF. And of course when actions, they may be well intended, are taken which provoke this type of thing, those families are in the forefront. We must always remember that,” he said.

He was then interrupted by one of the organizers, Women’s Boat to Gaza spokesperson, Zeenat Adam, saying “I’m going to ask you to stop” and prompting the anti-Israel drones to start chanting slogans “Free, free Palestine! Down, down Israel!”

Ngombane refused to relinquish the mic, and then read the official statement he was supposed to read. Then Ziyad Pattel, a lawyer for the “Women’s Boat to Gaza,” said that the ambassador “must understand that this is a pro-Palestinian event” and he has no right to say anything other than the sanctioned narrative of pure Palestinian victimhood.

Afterwards, Leigh Ann Naidoo tearfully lied by claiming that at the same moment that she and the other flotidiots were photographed being given food by Israelis, women in Gaza were being bombed while waiting for her boat to arrive on the shore (1:30).

According to other accounts, she also said that there were no other boats in Gaza, and that she doesn’t think any aid managed to get there.

She is so well-informed!

Her lies continued in South African TV, where TV hosts didn’t challenge her astonishing naivete in the least.

(h/t Spotlighting SA)

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