October 20, 2021

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Sorry, anti-Israel women’s studies professors: Israel is safer for women than the US and most of Europe


One of the ironies of the anti-Israel movement is how many women’s  and gender studies professors are anti-Israel, when Israel is one of the most women-friendly countries on the planet.

Now, a new study shows how safe Israel is for women.

Australia is the world’s safest country for a woman, according to analysis by consultancy New World Wealth in its 2018 Global Wealth Migration Review.

“Woman safety is one of the best ways to gauge a country’s long term wealth growth potential, with a correlation of 92% between historic wealth growth and woman safety levels,” the report says.

“This means that wealth growth is boosted by strong levels of woman safety in a country.”

The 10 safest countries for women in 2017 were:
New Zealand

South Korea

The rankings are based on the percentage of each country’s female population that has been a victim of a serious crimes over the past year.

Israel is safer than the US – and Western European countries – for women.

Now, why would women’s studies professors be so hateful towards a state that treats women better than almost all others? Could it be that they have an agenda that goes beyond women’s rights?

I could not find the study online, unfortunately. It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between women’s safety and countries where there is a lower percentage of immigrants from various countries.

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