December 15, 2018

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Somehow, those intransigent Israelis let a Jordanian minister into the Temple Mount. No riots!

This morning, Jordanian Interior Minister Ghaleb Al-Zu’bi visited the Temple Mount.

No one tried to stop him. There were no protests. No threats of an uprising for this insult to the desecration of the holiest Jewish site.

Al-Zu’bi went up with some Waqf officials where they told him the horrib;e story about the 25,000 Jews who had visited the year before.

In fact, a group of  about 50 Jews also visited this morning, perhaps at the same time. But there are more articles in the Arab media about the “extremist Jewish settlers”  who visited, and “carried out suspicious tours in the blessed mosque and listened to an explanation about the legend of the alleged temple.”

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