January 21, 2019

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Saudi writer says Israel is subjecting Palestinians to a "Holocaust"


From Saudi Gazette, an op ed by Tariq A. Al-Maeena:

Every time I hear that leaders around the world gather at monuments to solemnly remember the Holocaust of the previous century, I want to scream about another Holocaust that has been going on before our eyes for the past 65 years and more.

This one is orchestrated by none other than the descendants of the first Holocaust, who today form the Israeli government. Israeli occupation forces have been systematically murdering and maiming the innocent in Palestine for over seven decades now.

The Free World could be forgiven during World War II for the crimes Hitler committed against various groups. News did not travel very fast in those days, and neither were there instantaneous broadcasts of live pictures and film illustrating the viciousness of the Nazi occupation.

However, today we should not forgive ourselves for keeping quiet. For we have been witnessing live some of the events as they have unfolded. Who can forget the tragic image of a father shielding his eight-year-old son, as Israeli forces callously shot him dead while the cameras were running? Or the image of Rachel Corrie, an American from Seattle who defiantly stood in the face of Israeli bulldozers, only to be violently crushed to death by the Caterpillar’s blades?

In the past three years, Saudi Arabia airstrikes have killed more civilians in Yemen (about 5000) than Israeli airstrikes have in Gaza in the past three wars.

Once again, the reason this article is newsworthy isn’t because a clueless Arab newspaper chooses to publish the opinions of a hateful, ignorant columnist.

The reason this is newsworthy is because not a single Arab reader will publicly criticize Al-Maeena by telling him that his accusations are false and offensive to every human being. Not one will explain that comparing the Holocaust to anything Israel does is an insult to Jews, to Holocaust victims and to anyone who has a brain and knows seventh-grade level history. No one will point out to him that he would never compare the actions of any country, including Saudi Arabia, to the Holocaust – except Israel which is the only country in the region that actually tries to minimize civilian casualties.

It is the Arab world’s silence in the face of such perverted and sickening accusations that damns the entire Arab world, which has killed and expelled more Palestinians alone – let alone hundreds of thousands of other Arabs –  than Israel can ever be accused of.

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