January 16, 2019

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Roger Waters proves he’s a sexist, and maybe a homophobe, too


Roger Waters gave a public interview for the Australia Palestine Advocate Network on Friday, where he insulted artists who play in Israel.

His insults went way beyond the political, though – he engaged in ad-hominem attacks on some major stars because he disagrees with them politically.

The form of these attacks indicate that Waters is sexist – and maybe worse.

Speaking about Elton John, he said, “Elton John went and played in Sun City about 500 times when everyone else in the world was anti-apartheid and said you can’t go and play in Sun City and he said ‘yeah I can, I’m the Queen Mum’or whatever he said.”

Speaking about Steven Tyler, Waters said, ” I ran into Steve Tyler in a sushi restaurant in LA and he leapt up to me. I thought, who is this, a little old lady? [laughter] He had his hair up and I thought ‘oh God there’s a little old lady who wants to talk to me’ and it was Steven Tyler.”

Isn’t it interesting that when Waters wants to denigrate people, he refers to them as women? (I suppose Thom Yorke should be thankful that Waters referred to him as a “a self-obsessed, narcissistic, drippy little prick.”

Waters may have crossed the line into showing that he is a homophobe with his Elton John comments as well. After referring to him as “Queen Mum,” which can also be interpreted as homophobic, Waters said, “You kind of go, well he is just dopey and also he obviously doesn’t give a fuck about anybody else except the lesbian gay whatever whatever community which he claims to care about.

Waters is not only denigrating Elton John, but he is denigrating the LGBT community by referring to bisexuals, transsexuals and others as “whatever whatever.”

Waters then realized that he might be gong a little too far by implying that Elton John’s huge amount of work for the LGBT cause is not authentic by saying that he only “claims” to care about them, so he quickly corrected himself and said “and does seem to…. He will make videos protecting his one little area of people who might be having violence done to them but he seems blind to…We are all human, but some people are human in different ways.”

Waters is casting doubts that gay bashing exists?

And those that are politically aligned with Waters who wrote the article mentioned here know this, because they changed his words from the interview to water down his seeming homophobia. The article removed the bolded words where Elton John “claims to care about” LGBT rights and that they  “might be having violence done to them.”

Note that the “progressive,” pro-Palestinian audience laughs along at Water’s sexist and worse comments.

There is plenty of hypocrisy and lies in Waters’ words, but the real hypocrisy is that the so-called “woke” people will ignore his insensitivity towards women and gays because they don’t want

Imagine if a member of the White House staff referred to Elton John as the “Queen Mum,” if they cast doubt on his humanitarian works for LGBT people, or if they implied that there was no violence against people based on sexual preference. The firestorm from the Left would be immediate and scorching.

But Roger Waters is one of them, so they will look the other way.

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