February 20, 2019

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Ramallah demonstrators against Abbas’ siege of Gaza define Palestinianism: "One people, one enemy"


Last week I mentioned that a Palestinian NGO had started a social media campaign against the PA government for its punitive sanctions on Gaza that hurt two million people.

I mentioned that the group had called for a demonstration on Sunday last week, but I didn’t see any coverage of it.

It turns out that there was a small demonstration last week, and today there was another. 

Dozens of people publicly called for the immediate lifting of all punitive measures imposed on the Gaza Strip and to end Abbas’ sanctions against the territory.

Most interestingly, they emphasized a slogan: One people, one enemy.

The slogan itself shows how deeply wedded the even the most moderate Palestinians  are to the idea of Israel being their eternal enemy. These people want peace between the PA and Hamas, but you will never see any rallies in Ramallah calling for peace with Israel the way that there have been huge peace demonstrations in Israel.

This incident shows yet again that the entire purpose of Palestinianism is rejection of Israel, not the building of a Palestinian Arab nation.

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