May 20, 2019

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"Qatari ruling family descended from a Jewish pig farmer"

There is lot of evidence of Jew-hatred in the Arab and Muslim world, but perhaps the most telling is the desire – actually, the pressing need – to associate one’s enemies with Jews.

Egyptian (both Islamist and secular), Turkish, Saudi Arabian leaders have all been damned with the accusations of being secretly Jewish. Fatah and Hamas trade accusations of being Zionist. Malaysian political parties love to accuse their opponents of having Jewish ties. It comes up all the time in Arab and Muslim media.

The latest being published today is about the Qatari royal family. It’s a doozy.

Ban Thamer al-Ani, an Iraqi “researcher” with a master’s degree from the University of Baghdad – so you know her academic credentials are impeccable –  wrote a book called “Iran and Qatar’s plots against the Middle East.” In it she reveals the startling truth.

Ban says that Iran and Qatar are relying on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to destroy the Arab world.

This “researcher” says that the Qatari ruling family has Jewish roots, and this is the secret of its hostility towards the Arabian Gulf. Ban claims to have found historical documents that the ruling family in Qatar can be traced to a Jewish slave

If I understand the story correctly, in the 1800s a person named al-Khalifa close to some Gulf rulers fell in love with a Polish Jewish woman with the Jewish name of “Helena McCart” or something like that. Helena’s father worked in a pig farm owned by one of the Polish feudalists. He was, of course, “one of the Jewish rabbis”. 

The night before he was to return to the Gulf, Helena took off her clothes and seduced him, and then her father allowed her to marry him and he stayed and joined the Jewish family’s pig farming business, seemingly as a slave but he also converted to Judaism. He had four children, who he taught about his people and his country. The boys wanted to go back to the Arab countries their father came from, so the devious rabbi married them off and ordered them to spread in the Muslim countries. You know, to take over the Arab world.
Two went to Palestine and the other two went to the Arabian Gulf. They settled and changed their names from Al-Khalifa to Al Thani, the name that the Chief Rabbi ordered them to use when they settled in the country. (The rabbi must have been promoted.)   This unnamed rabbi is said to be famous among the Jews of Poland.
“Those who returned to their father’s country numbered fifty-three men and women. A Shaykh from the tribe of Al-Maqar discovered their truth and declared war on them but avoided the war by marrying their most beautiful Jewish woman and giving her a lot of money. And she betrayed him and he killed her and threw her body to the dogs, and he declared war on the rest of the al-Thanis  and after several wars the Jewish al-Thanis won. 
This historical document is said to have disappeared from the Turkish National Museum and no one knows what it is.
But this “researcher” knows all about the story in detail – without having any documentation. Which is an amazing attribute of Arab historical research altogether.

The story has it all – a Jew, a slave, a pig farmer. If you wanted to come up with the worst possible thing to accuse an Arab of being, this is it. 

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