September 26, 2020

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Pointing out that Palestinian textbooks erased all mention of peace agreements is "incitement" and "racism" according to PA

Six weeks ago, I noted that the latest review of Palestinian textbooks revealed that they removed nearly every reference to peace agreements with Israel.

Israeli media caught up with the story last week.

(Seriously, journalists, is it that hard to actually read the report rather than regurgitate the press release?)

Anyway, the weekly Palestinian review of Israeli media highlighted the stories about Palestinian textbooks as a prime example of  “incitement” and “racism” in Israeli newspapers and TV shows.

Pointing out the fact that Palestinians have erased mentions of peace with Israel from their textbooks is considered “incitement!”

As always, in honor/shame societies, the perception is more important than the truth. When the truth is embarrassing, revealing it is “shameful” and therefore it is “incitement” and “racism.”

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