July 7, 2020

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#Pallywood: The Gaza Pieta


This photo was taken by an AFP photographer in Gaza:

I noted on Twitter how staged this photo was. A person, presumably running to get medical help for his injured friend, stops to allow a photographer to take his picture.

Others noticed that this photo may have been much more staged than I realized. The “injured” person was posed to resemble the Pieta (specifically Michelangelo’s Pieta), the famous artwork that shows the Virgin Mary holding Jesus’ body.

I think there is something to this.

While the “injured” man dangles his right arm and puts his head back as if he is unconscious (or dead), his left hand is grasping the shoulder of his “Mary.”

It really appears like the photographer was trying to subconsciously evoke a strong image of Jesus’ suffering for the Christians who see the image and he directed his actors to help him out.

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