July 11, 2020

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Palestinians: "The US is not an honest broker. It doesn’t support murdering Israelis" (ElderToon)


Has anyone else noticed how utterly insane this is?

Palestinians demanded Israel remove all security measures installed at the Temple Mount following the July 14 shooting. Greenblatt and Trump’s senior adviser (and son-in-law) Kushner made behind-the-scenes efforts to defuse the crisis. The Palestinians argue that the administration backed the Israeli government’s position while dismissing the Palestinian point of view.
Greenblatt picked a side and represented Netanyahu throughout the crisis,” an unnamed senior Palestinian source told the Al-Monitor website this week.

The truly insane thing is that Israel caved on its own security in the face of Arab threats. 
(Although I believe that, behind the scenes, Israel is going to quietly put increased security on the entrances to the Temple Mount over the next year without drawing any attention to it, betting that the Palestinians won’t make as much of a stink without a noisy crisis accompanying it to mobilize them, like the one day closing of all access to the area. Whether these hidden cameras or whatever are as effective as metal detectors is a separate question.)

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