December 19, 2018

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Palestinians stealing Israeli falafel culture!

The debate over who invented falafel balls is never going to be resolved.

But everyone agrees that the idea of a falafel sandwich in pita is completely Israeli.

As Haaretz reported in 2012, “Falafel was made popular in Israel by Yemeni Jews in the 1950s. They brought with them the chickpea version of the dish from Yemen and introduced the concept of serving falafel balls in pita bread.”

Clearly, falafel in pita is an Israeli innovation and an example of Israeli cuisine.

And look who stole it:

The GoPalestine page includes this photo of “Palestinian” falafel in pita:

The popular Afteem restaurant in Bethlehem makes and sells falafel sandwiches in pita as well:

The “Palestinian Cuisine” blog also includes Israeli falafel sandwiches:

It sounds like cultural genocide, doesn’t it?

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