October 22, 2020

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Palestinians: "Let’s respond to a plan to help our economy by striking, thereby hurting our economy!"


Palestinians are on a general strike today in response to the economic workshop in Bahrain.

The Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and a host of other terror groups all released statements denouncing the workshop, and marches are being organized for today and tomorrow.

Stores are shuttered as people are encouraged to attend rallies opposing the plan. The Gaza fisherman’s union instructed its members to stay off the water.

Who exactly are they hurting with the strike? Their own people!

Any business or shop owner who would have opened up today would be subject to attack. So, because the PLO and Hamas want to make their political positions known, they are telling their own people who need incomes to go to hell.

Which is as good a summation of their attitude towards the workshop itself as can be.

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