January 18, 2021

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Palestinians join anti-Qatar bandwagon, claim it is pro-Israel


After many Arab nations cut off or downgraded ties with Qatar for its allegedly pro-Iran stance, the Palestinian leaders are jumping on the bandwagon – but with a twist.

An essay by Bakr Abu Bakr was published in many Palestinian news sites yesterday, and also in the official Fatah Facebook page,  where it described Qatar as a two-faced, scheming nation with close ties to Israel and terrorist groups in Iraq as well as Hamas. Clearly Mahmoud Abbas’ regime is trying to paint itself as a team player but also trying to add an anti-Israel angle while pushing the anti-Hamas narrative as well.

The ironic thing is that Qatar has traditionally tried to stay in everyone’s good graces, a tightrope act that is near impossible in the volatile region.

And this essay, which reflects the position of the PA, is doing the same.

Because there is one word missing from this essay: Iran.

The major reason that the Saudis led the anti-Qatar initiative is because of Qatar’s ties with Iran. But the PA does not want to antagonize Iran, just like Qatar.

So instead the PA pretends to be gung-ho about being against Qatar.

But the Arab states have noticed and will continue to notice the PA’s ambivalent attitude towards Iran, and they are keeping tabs on every statement and omission in how Abbas acts.

Because the PA could easily find itself to be the next Qatar.

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