July 15, 2020

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Palestinians "explain" why Jews from Arab countries hate Palestinians more than Ashkenazic Jews


Tawfiq Abu Shumer, writing in Amad.ps, comes up with a convoluted explanation of why Mizrahi Jews are really against Palestinians.

An active follower of Israeli society asked me why the Eastern Jews hated the Palestinians, and that the non-Easterners (Ashkenazim)  dislike us less, or so it appears!

Why do Oriental Jews become the worst enemies of the Palestinians?

The reason is that they want to prove their allegiance to Israel more than their opponents and oppressors, Ashkenazim.

This hatred is a kind of psychological illness. Sephardim are despised in Israel; therefore, a weaker group must be found to relieve themselves of the oppression they are suffering.

….Therefore, the Sephardim must adhere to this reality. They must exercise their masters over the Palestinians, so that the Palestinians remain oppressed as a guarantee for their survival as masters. Therefore, they are among the greatest opponents of the two-state solution or the end of the occupation !!

 Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that Sephardic Jews escaped Arab countries where they were being persecuted and understand a thing or two first-hand about Arab antisemitism. It couldn’t possibly be that they understand the Arab mentality and that they know exactly the games being played by Palestinians to appear “peaceful” to credulous Westerners who want to believe that everyone thinks the same way.

Jews from Arab countries know better.

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