April 12, 2021

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Palestinians celebrate wives of "martyrs" and terrorist prisoners on International Women’s Day


The Palestinian Ministry of Information celebrates International Women’s Day by, of course, trying to hijack it to be an anti-Israel event (which they have successfully done with the “Women’s Strike.”)

The Ministry says in its press release that the “women of Palestine” suffer under oppression and are “paying a heavy price by the aggression of the occupation.”

The Ministry salutes the Palestinian women as the “mothers of the martyrs, and prisoners’ wives and sisters.”

That is apparently the highest aspirations available for Palestinian women, although in previous years there was a lot more about the heroic women who murdered Jews.

Actually fighting for women’s rights is barely mentioned as the purpose of the day. As with everything else, from Christmas to Earth Day, the Palestinians will use the occasions as excuses to do what they do best – hijack the world’s agenda towards their own selfish aims.

Which happen to be totally against equal treatment for women, by the way.

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