April 21, 2024

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Palestinian terror groups getting frightened


A consortium of Gaza terror groups have been protesting Trump’s visit to the region, but their rhetoric makes it sound more like they are scared.

At a rally with leaders of Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Islamic Jihad’s Mohammed al-Hindi said “We stand today in front of a dangerous historic crossroads for targeting the Palestinian resistance and the liquidation of our just cause.”

Hindi said that Trump’s visit comes at a time of collapse of the Arab and Islamic region – meaning a collapse of support for terror groups.

Hindi complained that Arab leaders have given up all of Palestine and are embracing the vision of Israel as a new ally and partner in shaping the region and addressing “so-called terrorism.”

The terror leader expressed astonishment at the Riyadh summit  that welcomed Trump, saying that it put the “resistance” on trial and upset that Hamas was called a terror group instead of a freedom movement.

He whined, “They did not talk about Palestine and the prisoners in the prisons of the enemy” calling the Arab governments “conspirators.”

In this case, Trump is accomplishing more in a couple of months than Obama did in eight years. And it is really a vindication of Bibi’s vision of the Middle East actually coming true, where the Palestinian issue is marginalized and the Palestinian terror groups ostracized.

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