July 12, 2020

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Palestinian teachers psychologically torture 3rd grade students to indoctrinate hate for Israel by "canceling" fake field trip to "1948 Palestine"


Arnon Groiss at Israel Behind the News has translated Palestinian Authority teacher guides for textbooks.

What the 3rd grade teachers are told to do in order to indoctrinate the young children to hate Israel is unreal. This is from the teacher’s guide to the book National and Social Upbringing, Grade 3, Part 2 (2016) p. 64, written by the Palestinian Authority.

The teachers are told to tell the students that they will go on an exciting trip to somewhere in “Palestine.” They hype up the trip for weeks, and discuss what they will see and do when they get there. The children are told to bring cameras and paper and pens to write notes, and how they will present their reports to the class when they get back. They are told to get consent forms signed from their parents for the trip. They bring food from home on the day of the field trip.

Then, the morning of the trip, when the students are excited about a day away from the classroom, the teacher tells them that the trip is canceled. They cannot go because Israel won’t let them into their land. 

This is unethical in the extreme, lying to students and manipulating them emotionally so that their frustration will be taken out not on the lying teacher but on the Jews.

This is incitement, psychological torture and indoctrination to hate.

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