February 23, 2020

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Palestinian prisoners want Israel to stop jamming their cell phones – claiming health concerns!

Yes, these are Palestinian Arabs in an Israeli prison

Palestine Today quotes an Arab NGO as saying that Israeli actions to jam illegal cell phone use in Israeli prisons is harming the health of Palestinian prisoners.

According to the quoted report supposedly from the British-based Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK, electronic jamming devices recently provided to Israeli prisons from a company called Netline with jammers manufactured in China use the frequency of 2690 MHz  “in closed areas in violation of international standards” set by the World Health Organization.

I couldn’t find the report from the AOHR site. I found nothing at the WHO site that said that there was any evidence of health risks from RF radiation at any but the most extreme levels, although it pointed to some recommended standards.

The story goes on to say that Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons have appealed to the international community to dismantle these devices and prevent their use, and they are certain that the radiation issued by these devices affect their health. They claim headaches and ear pain, saying it feels like their brains are in a microwave.

If the prisoners were so concerned about their health, of course, they merely need to stop smuggling in cell phones so Israel wouldn’t need jammers. Not to mention that there are equally unreliable reports that cell phone use itself is dangerous.

Somehow that solution seems too extreme to them, and their worries about their health do no extend to actually stopping using the equipment that is causing them this alleged pain.

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