January 21, 2019

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Palestinian Authority warns world Israel is fabricating Jewish history in Jerusalem


The Palestinian foreign ministry issued a statement warning about how Israel is lying to the world about any Jewish history in Jerusalem.

“This campaign includes various fields and areas, whether diplomatic, sports or cultural, and it uses any excuse to pass on its lies and its Judaic narrative about the Holy City and its many historical sites,” the ministry said in a statement.

It warned that Israel is bringing international visitors to visit “occupied Jerusalem with an infusion of fabricated information and the falsification of the facts about occupation.”

In a sane world, every enlightened nation that knows a modicum of history would condemn these antisemitic statements that deny Jewish history. But in the world we live in, a putative “nation” can spout out any lies it wants without any fear of a real nation (or major media outlet) standing up to it and saying that as long as the PA denies reality, it cannot expect and does not deserve any respect.

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