April 26, 2018

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Palestinian Authority says aim of Temple Mount metal detectors is to "humiliate worshipers"


The official Palestinian Authority Wafa news agency reports on the hundreds of Muslims who are holding prayers outside the gates to the Temple Mount, refusing to go through metal detectors that Israel set up to find weapons like the one that murdered two Israeli police officers.

While Israeli media reports that scores of Arabs ignored the prayer/picket line and passed through the metal detectors, the Palestinian Authority is denying that anyone has passed through.

Wafa describes the real reason the Israelis put up those hated metal detectors, and of course it has nothing to do with security:

The aim of the occupation of placing electronic gates is the humiliation of worshipers and citizens during their entry and exit to Al Aqsa, and to send a message to the Arabs and Muslims that they hold absolute sovereignty over Al Aqsa … but Jerusalemites responded by rejection, until the situation returns to what it was before the electronic gates and checkpoints.

Once again, Arabs put everything in terms of honor and shame. Even though the holy places in Saudi Arabia have metal detectors and tight security, the problem here is that Jews are the ones who are enforcing the security, which is humiliating to them. Since they are so sensitive to being humiliated, which is often worse than death, they assume that Israel’s aim is to humiliate them.

And this message resonates with all Arabs who share the same honor/shame mindset.

Logic and facts are optional. Feelings are paramount. And feelings are what drives their “facts.”

Come to think of it, they do have a lot in common with the Western Left today.

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