February 20, 2019

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Palestinian author demands Holocaust reparations from Germany – because Palestinians were "Holocaust victims," too


Suhail Kiwan writes in Arab48 that Jews weren’t the only victims of the Holocaust.

He admits that Nazis targeted Jews. He’s not sure how many Jews were murdered, but he magnanimously admits that even the killing tens of thousands of Jews on ethnic grounds like the killing of millions: “the important principle that the regime decided to kill Jews for being Jews.”

That’s the nicest kind of Holocaust denial.

However, Kiwan asserts, “There are non-Jewish victims of Nazism that must be recognized, and they are many, but the Palestinians are the most prominent.”

The reason? Obviously, because the Jews after the war came to British Mandate Palestine, and “the Zionist forces destroyed [Arab ]villages and displaced about 900,000 of them, persecuted them after they were massacred, and killed all those who tried to return and occupied the rest of their homeland to this day.”

Therefore, Kiwan says,  Palestinian Arabs “have the right to demand compensation from Germany as the Jews received compensation, as well as compensation from all the countries supporting Israel aggression at the expense of their presence.”

It takes a lot of energy to constantly try to be the world’s biggest victim entitled to free money forever.

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