September 26, 2020

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Palestinian Arab prisoner ends hunger strike because it was getting too hard

PIC reports:

The Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails Omar al-Kiswani on Monday decided to suspend his hunger strike after his health condition has deteriorated as a result of the intensive interrogation he is being exposed to.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society said in a statement that al-Maskoubiya military court decided to extend al-Kiswani’s detention for eight days under the pretext of completing the interrogation which has not stopped since the moment of his arrest on 7th March.

According to the statement, al-Kiswani informed his lawyer during the trial of his decision to suspend his strike because of the exhaustion he is suffering from.

I thought the entire point of a hunger strike was to be uncomfortable. But apparently, for Palestinian prisoners, if it gets to be harder than the Paleo diet then it is time to quit.

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