July 11, 2020

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Palestine would be a beacon of light of liberalism to the world, if it wasn’t for evil racist Israel


The current UNHRC meeting looking at the policies of the Palestinian Authority on fighting racism and bigotry in its society is so instructive.

The Palestinian submission is a 58 page report that says how there is no problem whatsoever with bigotry in the areas under its control. It lists lots of laws and policies against discrimination as if they are enforced, or not overridden by other laws that allow any critic of the government to be arrested and fined. (Meaning, who is going to complain about being discriminated against when their very complaint can put them in prison?)

Of course, the PLO report tried to shift all issues to Israel, and make this into a referendum on Israeli rights issues, not Palestinian.

UN Watch and NGO-Monitor issued their own reports showing endemic bigotry in the PA against Jews, Christians and Samaritans. When the PLO representative was pushed on these issues by members of the UNHRC, he blamed everything on Israel; when they didn’t like that answer he asked for some “slack” in being racist.

JPost reported that the PLO ambassador to the UN in Geneva,  Ibrahim Khraishi, called Israel racist and implied that terrorism was a legal right. “We are victims. We are the victims of the European victims,” he said. Also,  “What we are facing is occupation, which is illegal. It is our right to use all tools to resist occupation,  this is accordance with international law.”

The most bizarre response from the PLO when Khraishi said that once the “occupation” is over, his country “will be a beacon of light for the region and for the world.”

Keep in mind that the UN has blamed Israel for Palestinian men beating their wives, so this argument will not be seen as bizarre at all by that corrupt agency.

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