April 6, 2020

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PA trying to influence Israeli elections


From Al Monitor:

The Palestinian Authority (PA) recently intensified its meetings with Israeli journalists, former lawmakers, political party members and academics in an attempt to gain their cooperation and to explain Palestinians’ broad rejection of the US Mideast peace plan….

The PA’s intense surge toward Israeli society reflects President Mahmoud Abbas’ vision of establishing his influence in Israel, to recruit Israeli voices and positions in favor of a political settlement, a return to negotiations and a rejection of the US plan.

PLO interaction committee member Ashraf al-Ajrami told Al-Monitor, “The Palestinian cause faces challenges, represented by the peace plan and Israel’s threats to annex the West Bank, so the Israeli and Jewish voice rejecting these plans is important in recruiting public opinion in Israel, Europe and the US to support our rights.”

The committee also wants to influence Israeli society because Israeli elections are to be held March 2. “Any political movement in Israel against the government will indirectly affect the elections,” Ajrami said.

Addressing whether the meetings have included discussions on the necessity of toppling Netanyahu in the elections, Ajrami said, “We discussed the need to reject the peace plan and return to negotiations … and that the US cannot be a single mediator in the peace process. The Israelis said that this can’t happen under the Netanyahu government and a change must be made in Israel.”

Just Israeli leftists colluding with Israel’s enemies to influence an election. Nothing to see here.

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