July 16, 2019

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PA minister who calls for Jihad against Israel represents Palestine at "World Peace Forum"


Mahmoud Habbash, who is the Chief Justice of Palestine and President’s Advisor on Religious Affairs and Islamic Relations, is heading a delegation of Palestinian officials to the 7th session of the World Peace Forum (WPF), held in Jakarta, Indonesia in October.

Al-Habbash said that he will discuss ways to protect world peace from collapse and to examine the reasons that threaten the world peace, “especially the occupation that wreaks havoc on the land,  and the aggressors to reach the holy sites and the cancerous expansion of settlements and the confiscation of land and the murder of an unarmed people longing for freedom and freedom from the last occupation on earth.”

More than once, on TV, Habbash has called for Jihad against Israel.

War is peace. 

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