November 22, 2019

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Obviously, the Jews will go after Mecca next. (Yes, Muslims are really saying that.)

From Pakistan Observer:

 On appeal of Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, countrywide protest demonstrations were held on Friday against US President Donald Trumps’ recognizing Jerusalem as Israel capital, as thousands of people came out on roads to express their solidarity with the Palestinians.

In Peshawar, a protest rally was held outside the historic Mahabat Khan mosque. JI provincial chief Mushtaq Ahmed khan said on the occasion that Trump had stabbed the Muslim world at the back.

However, he said, that Al-Quds belonged to the Muslims and it would remain so in future. He said that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital was a step towards greater Israel and warned that Israel’s next target would be the holy Ka’ba.

The entire reason that the world is against Trump’s stating a plain fact is that they are afraid of Muslims who can spin such absurd fantasies.

And they are too frightened to tell the Muslims the truth – because they don’t want to be targets, too.

The Muslim world is holding the West hostage, and most of the world has Stockholm syndrome.

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