February 21, 2020

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Now @RashidaTlaib says insulting Israel is more important than seeing her 90-year old grandmother


If there is any more proof needed that the anti-Israel crowd will politicize everything – religion,  liberalism, family relationships – for an opportunity to demonize Israel, here is Rashida Tlaib:

Yet this refusal to visit Israel came only hours after Tlaib wrote a letter saying that she did want to visit her “sity” and won’t politicize the trip:

Tlaib is now saying that she’d rather never see her beloved grandmother again rather than accept visiting her without the right to call Israel an evil apartheid state.

Clearly, she is telling the world that doing her part to make everyone hate Israel is more important than a quiet visit with her grandmother for the last time.

For Israel haters, their hate is all consuming and more important than anything else – even their own families.

Chances are she thought Israel would not agree to let her in, which is the only reason she wrote the letter to begin with – to say that Israel was so evil and anti-Muslim that they wouldn’t even let her see her old grandma one last time. When her bluff was called she showed the world what she is.

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