June 5, 2020

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Now @IfNotNowOrg romanticizes the Diaspora to justify hating Israel


On Saturday, IfNotNow protested outside a Chabad house in Austin, TX because of an Israeli speaker there.

Besides the immorality and obnoxiousness of pseudo-Jews protesting outside a synagogue during services, the group bragged about it with a crazed justification:

Today we stood outside of Chabad at UT in protest of their event, Morality and Combat. The invited speaker, Leibel Mangel, was a machine gunner in the IDF and uses the Holocaust as a way to justify the occupation. There is no denying the very real trauma that the Holocaust has left on our community; yet, our historical trauma should not be exploited to justify the oppression of Palestinian people.
Our Jewish history is not only one of persecution, oppression and fear. We also have a rich history of resistance and solidarity. Jews have survived in diaspora for thousands of years, largely through solidarity with other oppressed groups. We do not need to support Israel at all costs to stay safe. 

Really? Jews have been largely safe in the Diaspora because of solidarity with other oppressed groups?

Can IfNotNow name a single time in 2000 years that a pogrom or massacre was averted because of some other oppressed group sticking their necks out to save the Jews?

They are just making shit up to appeal to their “progressive” friends.

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