April 18, 2021

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"Normalization is a crime." (War is peace, white is black, up is down.)


I saw this amazing graphic at Shehab News Agency illustrating the news that three Iraqi delegations held secret meetings in Israel in recent months.

It turns out that this was a campaign launched in November by the  Nasser al-Aqsa Organization in Lebanon and the Palestinian Center for the Resistance of Normalization.

That latter group, which has only a handful of Twitter followers, has a list of the evils of normalization:

Normalization – highest treason
No matter what the occupation does, it will remain a germ in this region, besieged by the immune system (resistance to normalization) in order to destroy it in time.
Normalization is a loss of honor and dignity, a surrender to the occupation
Normalization is to recognize the right thief who stole your brother’s house and expelled him and his family to the street, and open your house to steal from you and to expel you and your family later
Normalization with the Zionists and recognizing them as a crime, it is morally treacherous, political suicide, historical falsehood and shame
Normalization with the Zionist entity is a waiver of the sanctities of the nation and the Aqsa Mosque, “the first Muslim qibla.”
Normalization is a crime no different than being a traitor to one’s religion, Arabism and homeland

Normalization, of course, just means treating the Jewish state like any other. You know, peace. The Palestinians are in an absolute panic over the wave of Arab nations who are more and more willing to move their covert ties to Israel to become overt – above the table, as this cartoon shows in “before” and “after” (read left to right:)

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