March 20, 2019

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Nas Daily, not so nice (Forest Rain)

I don’t share Nas’s videos but this, I feel needs to be addressed.

Take a look:

He seems so passionate and yet so reasonable, I am sure many people will simply accept what is said in this video. The problem is that it’s a big fat lie.

LIE 1: Nas says he “can’t stand with Israel because Israel is doing something wrong.” 

What is Israel doing wrong? Absolutely nothing.
Israel is defending her sovereign borders. Any country in the world would do the same and with much more force. It would be easy to just drop one big bomb, kill everyone and there would be no more riots. Instead the IDF is resolutely standing and keeping the border, stopping only the few who are absolutely necessary. It would be very easy to not get shot – just stay away from the fence.

LIE 2: Nas says he “can’t stand with Palestine either because Palestine is doing something wrong.”

Palestine is a non-existent country. This is not one country against another country. 
What does is exist is a terrorist entity ruled by Hamas, terrorizing Israelis and Gazans alike. The real equation is country against terrorist entity like America vs AL Qaeda on 9/11 or the Allied Forces vs ISIS

LIE 3: Nas says that “if you stand with one side only, you are wrong” because it’s not black and white. 

It actually is black and white. There is right and wrong here and if you can’t tell the difference between the two you have a real problem.
If you can’t see that terrorists sending their own people to die in order to retain their own power is wrong – you have a severe moral deficiency.
If you can’t say that using women and children to hide behind while trying to murder other people is wrong – you have something deeply wrong with you.
If you can’t see that attacking the borders of a sovereign nation is not going to end peacefully – you have a severe disconnect from reality.

If you can’t stand with innocent people, Israelis and Gazans against the terrorist entity that is threatening both – you are enabling more deaths.

THAT is what pleasant, urbane, talented Nas is doing.

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